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Could you go into a Nightclub, Bar or Eatery and handover your Phone to the bartender for an hour or two... or four, just to collect the Party Points you need for that pair of Adidas Sneakers, Gas BBQ Grill or whatever you've been saving for in our Party Points Gift Mall... now you see why we call this "The Social Experiment From Hell!" The number of Party Points received per hour will vary from location to location.

Wherever you see a Pact With The Devil Phone Box, ask the bartender how many Party Points you'll receive per hour and start collecting?
  • Fill out the envelope with the same personal information that appears on your Driver's License or Government Issued Picture ID and hand your phone and envelope to the bartender on duty.

  • The bartender will put your phone in the envelope and store it behind the bar in one of the Pact With The Devil Phone Cubbies.

  • The bartender will then place a Security Bracelet around your wrist, before you go out into the party world to look people in the eye, talk, hold hands, embrace, laugh and party hearty!

  • When you're ready to reclaim your phone, show the same Driver's License or Government Issued Picture ID used, and the bartender will return your phone and issue the Party Points that you earned directly into your Party Points Gift Mall Account.

Even though you agreed to not use your phone by putting it in a Pact With The Devil Phone Cubby, don't let the Devil Tempt You!
  • Do not borrow someone else's phone to make a call, because if someone sees you using a phone while wearing your Security Bracelet, they can capture your earned Party Points by taking a picture of you on the phone and showing it to the bartender!

  • Do not attempt to remove your Security Bracelet before you reclaim your phone, if your bracelet is stretched, shows signs of tampering or you no longer have it on, you will loose all your accumulated Party Points!



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