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Worldwide -- This is actually not a job opportunity, but rather your own home-based business! "The best way to generate income is through very little effort!"

The iSexy Party Network's Party Concierge Affiliate Program is an automated 3-Tier Multi-Level Marketing Program offering 10%, 5% and 2% Social Security Commission Checks each month to individuals, families, groups, businesses, non-profit organizations and their volunteers who market The iSexy Party Network® by way of face-to-face direct marketing, email marketing, blogs, online banners & buttons and using their personalized iSexy Party Network Party Concierge Link...

Since the iSexy Party Network is offering a Business Building Service and not a tangible product like liquid vitamins or dietary supplement, as a Party Concierge, you'll have NO Products to Buy or Sell and there are NO Quotas to meet, so you will NEVER loose your network/downline... EVER!

Even if you get married and have 3 kids, you may come back any time you wish to continue building your network/downline and raise money for the kid's college fund!

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Worldwide -- While formulating the concept behind the iSexy Party Network®, I wanted to make it easy for anyone to become a Franchise Owner and live their American Dream!

You only need to purchase One (1) Universal iSexy Party Network® Franchise, and with it, you may operate as many of our Home-Based Business Starter Kits as you like; iSexhibition, VIP•ADS and our Charitable Fun-Razor Events, Angel's Kiss Casinos & Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge!

This is a "Lifetime" Franchise, that never expires, and there are No Yearly Renewal Fees! All you pay are the Monthly Franchise Fees stated in the Starter Kit Agreement of each Home-Based Business.

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Worldwide -- Seeking VIP Volunteers! Give Back! Do you have a few hours to spare each week? Volunteer as a Heavenly Host or Fallen Angel during our Charitable Fun-razing Events or Host a Disco Happy Hour at an Adult Day Care Center or a Senior Living Community near you!

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA -- At the iSexy Party Network® we take pride in helping our VIPs, Very Intelligent Partiers, find Amazing Shopping Experiences, Discounts, Free Stuff, Outrageous Party Atmospheres with rewarding Entertainment and Games, but we’re also concerned for their safety and well-being while doing so.

To resolve our concern, we decided to develop our own Rideshare Service called "Very Intelligent Partier Rides", VIPR for short -“viper” originating from our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia!

I want to get a head-start collecting names & contact information of interested independent contractors that would like to become a VIPR Designated Driver and earn two (2) streams of income. This will help us determine which town we should bring VIPR to next!

If you're already driving for another company that's OK, I'd love to hear from you as well, Click the Contact Us! button below and enter your information. Thanks!

VIPR is not a stand-alone rideshare company, it's a service of the iSexy Party Network® adding value to our brand by transporting our VIPs to and from our Official iSexy Party Network Hot Spots.

Our VIPR Designated Drivers are also Party Concierges who are helpful and knowledgeable of what's happening within the iSexy Party Network®.

VIP-Riders may choose their three favorite drivers and lock them into their rider's account so whenever they need a ride, and if any of their favorite drivers are on duty, they may select the one they want. This will build a strong Rider-Driver Relationship with a strong feeling of familiarity, trust and safety!

I not only want to offer affordable, safe & reliable rides but want to reward our riders for using my service. So, I'm giving VIP-Riders 50 Party Points for every $1 Spent on Every Ride, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our Party Points Gift Mall.

Every Year, one week before a VIP-Rider's birthday, I will add a Birthday Ride Credit to their VIPR Account, good for up to 25 Miles, that they may use From or To their Birthday Celebration or wherever they wish to go and they may invite as many friends as there are available seats in the Snake!

VIPR will be marketed directly to our Official iSexy Party Network HotSpots, by our Party Concierges and VIPR Designated Drivers, and when they agree to become an Official VIPR Pick-Up Spot I'll share a 5% commission with them on every ride originating from their business address!
  • The Official VIPR Pick-Up Spot may keep the 5% Commission.
  • I can add it back into their VIPR Business Account as a VIP-Ride Credit.
  • I can donate their Commissions directly to the Charity of their choice!

To make VIPR stand out from all the other services, all VIPR Designated Drivers will have the option of installing and using our Music Service in their Snake, FREE-OF-CHARGE! *Flash Enabled Devices Required!

This will give their VIP-Riders complete control over selecting and playing their favorite music genres and they may even mix it themselves from the comfort of the back seat, if they wish, making the ride not only enjoyable but interactive, crazy fun and groovy!

Authorized VIPR™ Designated Drivers may also become an Official iSexy Party Network Party Concierge generating two streams of income simultaneously, one as a driver, obviously, and as a Party Concierge they will continually receive 10% Commission Checks from the purchase of Party Points, VIP Flash Coupons and VIP Loyalty Cards when the Companies, Retail Businesses, Bars & Nightclubs in their network, pay for any of our business building services that they use each month!

My First Promise is to our Designated Drivers, VIPR will not be offering shared rides! Sorry, I know that you're really disappointed.

Being a driver myself, I find that I'm like most drivers, I've grown to dislike "pool" or "shared" rides. I personally find them frustrating and there seems to be too many personalities and miles to drive for very little money, plus some riders are not considerate of the other passengers or the driver.

I truly believe that with the multiple income streams generated through the niche market that we're creating our VIPR Designated Drivers, Party Concierges, the iSexy Party Network® and VIPR as a whole will be financially just fine without offering shared rides!

But, if I would decide to offer shared rides of some sort, it would probably be called "VIPR Party Car", and it would only be available between 9pm and 3am seven nights a week and it would be exclusively for shuttling VIPs only between bars who are Official iSexy Party Network HotSpots!

My Second Promise is that VIPR Designated Drivers will never loose the opportunity of driving with us as long as manually driven vehicles exist and continue to be manufactured, because VIPR and the iSexy Party Network® will always be dedicated to and thankful for our Designated Drivers!

As far as the future of Self-Driving Cars with VIPR, I'm not sure if we'll ever use them because the safety of our riders, dedicated drivers & pedestrians is paramount to me!

But if I do decide to add Self-Driving Cars, I already know that each car will be occupied by an iSexy Party Network Party Concierge, seated in the driver's seat, riding along for added safety, to answer any questions about VIPR, the iSexy Party Network® and what exciting iSexy things the riders can do around town!

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA -- The iSexy Party Network® is seeking a Jack or Jill Of All Trades, a know-it-all, but not a smart-ass egotistical maniac! A Free-Lancer with the ability of give accurate fair quotes on projects as they come available.

Projects can range from designing Phone Apps to some website stuff, databases, PHP, HTML, etc., knowledge of X-Cart and JROX JAM a plus!

As the iSexy Party Network® grows, this will become a permanant full-time position in the future!

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA -- The iSexy Party Network presents: Virgin Club Beverages - We did it, but there's absolutely no proof!

Seeking a person with a keen sense of taste & smell and the ability to combine natural and artificial (non-harmful) ingredients to simulate the smell, texture & taste of liquor, beer & wine, resulting in a perfect substitute, with no aftertaste, no alcohol content and no hangover.

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