Income Generated!
Affiliates:  $640.00
Charities:  $293.00
Franchisees:  $29650.00

Income Generated:  $30583.00
Affiliates: Commissions earned by Party Concierges from the Cash Purchase of Party Points, Gifts and Franchises in the Party Points Gift Mall by Businesses and other VIPs in their network.
Charities: Money raised for Charities through our Angel's Kiss Casinos, Fallen Angels, Fallen Angels Charity IMAHO and Hot Lips Body Shot.
Franchisees: Income earned by the Franchise Owners of iSexhibition, Angel's Kiss Casinos and Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge.
Income Generated: Total amount of income generated through the iSexy Party Network, since its inception.

Monies generated are submitted by each iSexy Party Network Franchisee as they are received.