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While formulating the concept behind the iSexy Party Network®, I wanted to make it easy for anyone to become a Franchise Owner and live their American Dream!

You only need to purchase One (1) iSexy Party Network® Franchise, and with it, you may purchase and operate as many of our Home-Based Business Franchise Kits as you wish; Angel's Kiss Casinos, Dance Party, Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge and iSexhibition!

This is a "Lifetime" Franchise, that never expires, and there are No Yearly Renewal Fees! All you pay are the Franchise Fees stated in the Franchise Kit Agreement of each Home-Based Business.

I want to make it even easier for you to get started! If you can't afford to purchase an iSexy Party Network® Franchise at this time, I've created what I call the Jump Starter Program.

All you do is simply purchase the Starter Kit that you can afford and agree to make at least a $40.00 payment toward your iSexy Party Network® Franchise each month, paying it off in 12 Months or less!

There's absolutely No Finance Charges, if paid off within the allotted 12 Month Period! After your iSexy Party Network® Franchise is paid for, you may continue to grow your home-based business empire by purchasing any of our other Home-Based Starter Kits.

I'm looking forward to helping you start and grow your Home-Based Business!

Blaine Klingaman
Founder & CEO,
iSexy Party Network®, LLC








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