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Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find an Official iSexy Party Network HotSpot near you offering Disco Happy Hour!

Disco Happy Hour was created to honor and celebrate the Original Party Animals, our respected and beloved Seniors and Baby Boomers, who beginning during the Rock 'n Roll 50s thru the Disco 70s & beyond, set the standard for how we party even to this day!

Happy Hour's back and it's like it never left! Young spirited Seniors & Baby Boomers come dressed in the style and dance to the music from the Disco Era! If you don't use it, you loose it! Younger generations are always encouraged to attend to learn a little bit about history and how to have fun without hand held devices!

Disco Happy Hour is available in two themes, Senior Prom & Classic Reunion and both are powered by, our DJ Mixing Board & Music Pool!


Monday thru Thursday, classmates 40 years old and up will be judged and nominated for Prom King & Queen and 39 years and younger will be judged and nominated for Prom Prince & Princess and the four nominees from each day will collect 1,000 Party Points!

On Friday, all (16) nominees will return, be judged in their category and the winners will be crowned Prom King, Queen, Prince & Princess with each winner collecting 2,000 Party Points!

Chaperones not required!

Monday thru Thursday, alumni may volunteer or be picked by another classmate to be nominated as "The One Most Likely To....."! Each day, by audience response, (4) nominees will be selected and by a random drawing each nominee will receive their title as "The One Most Likely To... plus collect 1,000 Party Points!

On Friday, all (16) chosen nominees will return and (4) will be chosen by audience response who is "The One Most Likely To....". By a random drawing, each winning nominee will receive their title and collect 2,000 Party Points!

Nominees and Winners may redeem their Party Points, at anytime, for any of the thousands of quality gifts found in our Party Points Gift Mall.




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