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Each Angel's Kiss Casino, located inside an iSexy Party Network Hot Spot, will donate 50%* of all monetary gifts received for play, from our Slot Machines, BlackJack & Roulette Tables, Darts and Classic Arcade Games, to the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization adopted by each iSexy Party Network Hot Spot!
*After some operating expenses.


Won't you be an Angel and help us help others? The Angel's Kiss Casinos are in need of volunteers for a variety of Casino Floor Positions! Training available for those willing to learn!

Needed Immediately!
Atlanta, GA USA: Casino Floor Hosts • Blackjack Dealers • Fallen Angels

NOTE: Even though you'll be volunteering your time and donating your tips to charity, we have an Ace up our sleeve! As an Angel's Kiss Volunteer & iSexy Party Network VIP, you'll receive exclusive membership privileges of Making Money through our Affiliate Program, plus all VIP Perks, if you choose to use them!


Blackjack Dealers wear the Angel's Kiss Casino uniform, monogramed black shirt, a red dealer's visor, red bow tie, black dress pants, belt, socks and shoes.

The position of Blackjack Dealer requires good communication skills, especially when handling troublesome customers, general manual dexterity and the ability to count quickly. Blackjack Dealers have control of the game, as to when to reshuffle the cards or bread a new deck!

The duties of a Dealer involves signing in the guest, changing Monetary Gifts for play into house chips, issuing iSexy Redpoints, shuffling and dealing the cards, taking losing bets and often helping players by giving tips or answering questions.


Video Arcade & Slot Hosts wear the Angel's Kiss Casino uniform, a monogramed black shirt, red bow tie, black dress pants, belt, socks and shoes.

Hosts must have good communication skills, greet guests coming into the casino, answer any questions about the Angel's Kiss Casinos and our Fundraising Mission. Hosts will set up Casino Guests at the game of their choice, take their Monetary Gift for play, award iSexy Redpoints, and deliver cocktails when requested. During the night Hosts must keep the games and surrounding areas clean, free of debris and ready for the next player.


Angel's Kiss Charity Challenge Hosts wear the Angel's Kiss Casino uniform, a monogramed black shirt, black dress pants, belt, socks and shoes.

Angel's Kiss Charity Challenge Hosts must have good communication skills and great sense of humor. The duties of a Charity Challenge Host is to encourage guests to take the challenge,

If you're interested in volunteering or have questions, contact us at:







Fallen Angels are Heavenly Hosts who entertain in camp drag style and volunteer their time & talent to live or lip-synch performances while donating 100% of their tips to Charity through the iSexy Party Network and Angel's Kiss Casinos.

Fallen Angels may also volunteer as a Casino Floor Host, Blackjack Dealer, Charity Challenge Donation Station Host and Mistress of Ceremonies for the Angel's Kiss Stuff the Sausage!

What's a Camp Drag Volunteer? A Camp Drag Volunteer is a person, traditionally male, who cross-dresses as a female and often exaggerates certain characteristics such as make-up, hair and fashion for comic, dramatic or satirical effect. Under arm, body & facial hair are encouraged which adds to the outrageousness!

Camp Drag is very much associated with gay men and gay culture, but you will find that Camp Drag Artists will be any race, gender, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation and income class.

Become a Fallen Angel and receive the pleasure of helping others, duct taping your junk, hearing the roar of applause (or "bitch, get off the stage!") and it goes without saying; Feeling Pretty! Contact the Heavenly Host's Chapter nearest you to volunteer!

If you're interested in volunteering or have questions, contact us at:





Blaine Klingaman
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Do you have a few hours free each week that you would like to volunteer as a Heavenly Host? If you'd like to make a difference and give back to the community, have a lot of fun, a few drinks and make people smile enough to open up their wallets, contact me to organize a Heavenly Hosts Chapter in your area.

I'm here to help!



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