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With each Angel's Kiss Casino we want to bring the excitement & action of a real Casino, offering Blackjack, Arcade 60 (classic video games) and coming soon, Fallen Angels' Bingo, Slot Machines, Darts and Pinball 140 (classic pinball games) plus two original and unorthodox fundraising events: 1. Fallen Angels' Charity Challenge and 2. Stuff Satan's Sausage!

When you purchase 100 iSexy Redpoints (for only $6.00), redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall, you will be rewarded for your investment with One-Half (½) hour of unlimited Free Play on any Angel's Kiss Casino Game. †
We not only want to offer hours of thrilling entertainment to our Casino Guests, but are giving back to the community by donating 50%* of all iSexy Redpoint purchases to the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization of the iSexy Party Network Hot Spot's choosing!

Donations Raised Since 2016:

We know that you'll experience an exhilarating good time, collect more iSexy Redpoints toward that perfect gift, plus the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others!

Use our iSexy Party Network App to collect your iSexy Redpoints and to search for the Angel's Kiss Casino nearest you!

†There is no time limit on Blackjack or Roulette! For only $12.00, you may purchase 200 iSexy Redpoints which includes the use of $750.00 in Casino Chips and for only $25.00, you may purchase 500 iSexy Redpoints which includes the use of $2,000.00 in Casino Chips.
*Purchases Plus Tips, Minus Some Operating Expenses.





For an entertaining night out, visit the iSexy Party Network Hot Spot nearest you for the most Outrageous Live Show and Charity Fund-raising Event ever!

A Live Camp Drag Show by the Fallen Angels will be the most fun you'll ever have without taking your clothes off! (Warning: Our Fallen Angels are extremely lonely and easily distracted while performing by shiny objects and naked people, so please, only tip with paper money and never ever take your clothes off (I'm just sayin').

If you're ever pulled on stage by a Fallen Angel you could win valuable iSexy Redpoints for participating, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall, and/or receive a delicious cocktail or shooter!

Female impersonation has been in the Arts for centuries, from Shakespearean plays to Paintings, some believe that Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is a painting of a man dressed as a woman! With Live Vocals or Lip Syncing to music, Fallen Angels' performances can be serious, hilarious, extremely creative, mostly unpredictable but always entertaining!

Fallen Angels are a part of Angel's Kiss Casino's Heavenly Hosts, a Fundraising Network of Angel's Kiss Volunteers. Fallen Angels are Bad Girls Doing Good Things because they're not exactly ladies by ethical standards (or by any standards for that matter) and they perform without pay while donating 100% of their tips to charity!

Our Fallen Angels are truly Good Will Embassadors in Heels volunteering their time and money to help charities around the world!

If you wish to find your feminine side or just enjoy entertaining people no matter what it takes, take The Tuck Pledge and become a Fallen Angel to help raise a little Hell and a lot of money for charity!

If you're interested in volunteering or have questions, contact us at:


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