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With The iSexy Party Network App, you may...
  • Find The Best VIP Party Destinations Across Town or Around the World!
  • Receive VIP Coupons, Discounts & Free Stuff From Businesses Near You!
  • Find Complimentary VIP Drinks & Shooters Worldwide!
  • Locate VIP Party Patrol Checkpoints Anywhere In The World!
  • View Pictures Of Hot iSexy Party VIPs From Around The World!
  • Join the Party! Receive Member Benefits And Begin Making Money & Fun!
  • Sign A Friend, Business Or Organization Into Your Network!
  • View Your Commissions In Your Party Concierge Affiliate Account!
  • Collect iSexy Redpoints 24 Hours A Day!
  • Enter & Participate Daily In the Share, Collect & Win Sweepstakes!
  • Check How Many iSexy Redpoints Are In Your Gift Mall Account!
  • Shop & Redeem Your Redpoints In Our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall!
  • Find & Make A Charitable Donation At An Angel's Kiss Casino Near You!
  • Create & Search For Original iSexy Signature Drinks & Shooters Recipes!
What are you waiting for? Become a VIP, it's Free to Join! Let's Party!







Anyone can Join the Party!, it's FREE!

As an Official iSexy Party Network® VIP (Very Intelligent Partier), you'll have priviledged access to all of our Official iSexy Party Network® Hot Spots worldwide by simply opening our App!

You'll instantly know which Bars & Businesses are giving away valuable iSexy Redpoints worldwide, redeemable at any time for any of the thousands of quality gifts found in our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall, and who offers VIP Flash Coupons created exclusively for VIPs, plus where to receive Free Stuff, using our VIP Loyalty Card Feature, and Complimentary Cocktails by flashing your VIP Party Passport!

You'll also know which Bars offer our best Outrageous Parties, Games, Events, Entertainment, Social Experiments and Fundraising, like visiting an Angel's Kiss Casino, playing Fallen Angels Charity IMAHO or taking the Hot Lips Body Shots Charity Challenge!

If you have any spare time, we hope that you'll consider generously volunteering your time as a Heavenly Host or Fallen Angel.














As a member of the Entertainment Industry, we take pride in creating some of the most Outrageous Parties, Games, Events, Entertainment, Fundraising and Social Experiments!

We do this not only to show you a good time, give you an opportunity to collect discounts, free stuff and iSexy Redpoints, plus make the world a better place, but to prove that it doesn't matter what your age, race, gender, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or income class is - - we are all the same - - when our head's in the toilet bowl or you're unknowingly showing your panties to passersby as you lay on the floor!

Here's hoping you enjoy our Outrageous Parties, Games, Events, Entertainment, Fundraising and Social Experiments at your favorite iSexy Party Network® Hot Spots and that you collect thousands of iSexy Redpoints while having an Outrageously Good Time, and as always, Please Drink Responsibly!










The best way to generate income is through very little effort! After you Join the Party! as an iSexy VIP, it's FREE, you'll automatically become a Party Conceirge, when you begin displaying your Party Concierge Affiliate Link to the world, through your emails, blogs, and social media, etc.!

Through our 3 Multi-Level Marketing, you'll receive 10% Commissions from all cash purchases made, in our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall, by other VIPs & HotSpots in your network, plus, you'll also receive 5% and 2% Commissions from the two networks under you!










Live the American Dream! Purchase an iSexy Party Network® Franchise and become your own boss and a part of our powerful party co-op! You'll not only be building a future for yourself & family with our franchise kits, but, you'll also be entertaining and helping others financially as well!

Once you've purchased your Universal iSexy Party Network® Franchise you may choose from any of our three Franchise Kits to begin making money and growing your Home-Based Business!









As an iSexy VIP, you can promote yourself as a Singer/Band, Dancer, Female Impersonator, Model, Juggler, Magician, etc., and get booked by Official iSexy Party Network® HotSpots through our Heavenly Talent Booking Agency (still under development)! You can supplement your income through our Party Concierge Affiliate Program or, fire your boss entirely, by starting your own iSexy Party Network® Home-Based Business with one of our Franchises!

As a Party Conceirge, you can learn from and teach others how to utilize the iSexy Party Network® to its fullest through our Hot University (still under development)! As a Senior or Baby Boomer, you can learn how to improve your financial, physical & mental health through our Boomer Project!

As an Official iSexy Party Network® HotSpot, there are several ways to promote your business through the iSexy Party Network®! The first thing you'll want to do is take advantage of the constant Free Publicity we offer by becoming an Official iSexy Party Network® HotSpot, it's FREE! Design a Signature Drink with your bar in mind and list it in our iSexy Signature Drink database where our VIPs and Bartenders worldwide will find the recipe through our App!

Other ways to build a stronger and more loyal customer base is to advertise through our VIP-ADS (Very Intelligent Partier's Advertising Display Services / Coming Soon!) and offer discounts through our VIP Coupons, plus, accept VIP Party Passports from travelers from all over the world!









Become an Official iSexy Party Network® HotSpot, it's FREE! If you create your own iSexy Redpoints Rewards Program, schedule any of our Outrageous Entertainment, Games, Events and Social Experiments to entertain your guests, design and promote your bar's iSexy Signature Drink, Offer VIP Coupons, Offer Travelers Free Drinks, you'll most definately attract Hot iSexy VIPs to your business like a magnet!







Blaine Klingaman
@ iSexy Party Network
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

The iSexy Party Network® is a Free Phone App listing all of our Official iSexy Party Network® Hot Spots worldwide, who's doing what, when & where!

Our network of Bars & Businesses give away Discounts, Free Stuff! and valuable iSexy Redpoints for your participation in our Outrageous Parties, Games, Events, Entertainment, Fundraising and Social Experiments, through our iSexy Redpoints Rewards Program!

Your collected iSexy Redpoints are redeemable at any time for any of the thousands of quality gifts found in our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall.

As your Party Concierge, it is my pleasure to help you find whatever you need/want! Simply Join The Party!, Download our iSexy Party Network® App, Search for what you're seeking, then, Go Collect some iSexy Redpoints and Party Hearty!

I hope you have an Outrageously Good Time, and as always, Please Drink Responsibly!





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